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Featured Story #36 | Silva

Representações problemáticas sobre gênero, classe, orientação sexual, raça e corpo ainda perpetuam nos dias de hoje na publicidade. As propagandas exibidas na TV e as publicações de marcas nas redes sociais, apesar de estarem em um notório processo de evolução e mudanças, ainda reforçam estereótipos e continuam a não representar a real diversidade do Brasil.

Mas, como combater estereótipos negativos na publicidade brasileira e construir narrativas reais?

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Featured Story #35 | Camila

Para engajar o consumidor, é preciso oferecer muito mais do que uma boa experiência de compra. Hoje, as marcas devem oferecer experiências satisfatórias e que não acabam na compra do produto ou serviço. É preciso influenciar positivamente o consumidor a ter comportamentos mais saudáveis e que trazem mudanças significativas para a sociedade.

Mas como descobrir o potencial social da sua marca para engajar clientes além dos produtos e serviços?

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Featured Story #33 | ADOLESCENT CONTENT

When Hope started her career in the creative market, she had already imagined herself creating change in the industry. And that’s how Adolescent Content was born. Founded in 2013 by Hope Farley and Ramaa Mosley, Adolescent has a network for 5000+ creatives in 20 different countries that work on research/insights, creative strategy, content production and media distribution. They represent and nurture young talent; functioning as a traditional ad agency, production company as well as a think tank for brands and advertising agencies. All the content in the digital platform is made for GenZ by GenZ.

In this month’s Features Story we spoke with Hope about female leadership and diversity in the creative market, and accomplishments and challenges for equality.

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Featured Story #32 | GOMA

When Rudah Ribeiro – a creative strategist based in New York – confided to a few close friends that he was thinking about quitting his job a Nike (which, by the way, many would consider a dream job) they thought it was an insane idea.

His duties at the American giant spanned South Korea, Mexico and Brazil, and mostly New York, which for over four years he was tasked with connecting with local cultures and overseeing projects that most people would dub cultural marketing.  

In early 2020 Rudah took a leap of faith and founded GOMA, a global multidisciplinary creative studio “at the crossroad of culture” – according to his own words – aiming to help brands connect with local cultures.

In this month’s Features Story we spoke with Rudah about what GOMA brings to the table, culture, creativity and much more.

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Featured Story #31 | InPulse

As BPool advances in its regional expansion, the long-awaited North American market is the next big thing. It is the largest advertising market in the world in terms of investment and one of the largest in terms of number of players (USD 240 billion and around 40 thousand companies, respectively, according to the Statista website).

If the numbers above aren’t enough to make you curious about the American market, here’s another piece of data that might catch your attention: in Uncle Sam’s land, one in three advertisers plans to switch agencies in the near future, according to Setup.

But what do these numbers say about the American market? And what to do about it?

In this month’s Featured Story, we spoke with Diego Prusky, CEO of InPulse Digital, who has been in the US for nearly 20 years and is well aware of local challenges. Check it out!

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