foto da letícia pádua, sócia da agência fizz

Featured Story #34 | Fizz

O mercado de influenciadores digitais é um dos maiores do mundo e o segmento cresce cada vez mais, de acordo com pesquisa recente do Business Insider, a previsão é de que, até o final deste ano de 2022, o setor valha US$ 15 bilhões (cerca de R$ 79 bilhões).

Mas, por que ações com influenciadores estão crescendo tanto e o que agregam de valor para as marcas? 

Na Featured Story deste mês conversamos com a Priscila Pádua, sócia da Agência Fizz, especializada em Marketing de Influência, Marketing Digital e Cross Branding. Confira o nosso bate papo sobre influenciadores digitais e cocriação como contribuição de valor para as marcas!

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foto do Papon Ricciarelli em nosso podcast

[Podcast] EP#19. Papon Ricciarelli

In the first Spanish-language episode of B IS THE NEW A – The Podcast, Daniel Prianti and Maria Gattás talked to Papon Ricciarelli, CEO of the DON agency, about his career and the challenge of launching one of Argentina’s leading independent agencies.

“The brands, were being faster than the agencies. Yes, so there is a problem and I began to see that the big agencies, the big corporations, were not as agile as the corporations of the brands.

So we really had to jump off an ocean liner and put together a sailboat and say well, these waters need to be navigated in an agile vessel so that it can be handled by great professionals, I think I don’t know, they don’t need to be too many and they need to be able to sail, cross several oceans.”

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Featured Story #33 | ADOLESCENT CONTENT

When Hope started her career in the creative market, she had already imagined herself creating change in the industry. And that’s how Adolescent Content was born. Founded in 2013 by Hope Farley and Ramaa Mosley, Adolescent has a network for 5000+ creatives in 20 different countries that work on research/insights, creative strategy, content production and media distribution. They represent and nurture young talent; functioning as a traditional ad agency, production company as well as a think tank for brands and advertising agencies. All the content in the digital platform is made for GenZ by GenZ.

In this month’s Features Story we spoke with Hope about female leadership and diversity in the creative market, and accomplishments and challenges for equality.

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[Podcast] EP#18. Maurício Magaldi

Se o futuro tem cada vez mais cara de metaverso e realidade virtual, um componente chave para tudo isso acontecer é a tecnologia blockchain.

No 18º episódio do B IS THE NEW A – The Podcast, Daniel Prianti e Felipe Gracias conversaram com o Maurício Magaldi, Diretor de Estratégia Global da 11:FS, sobre seus conhecimentos em liderança de pensamento do mercado blockchain e transformação digital.

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Featured Story #32 | GOMA

When Rudah Ribeiro – a creative strategist based in New York – confided to a few close friends that he was thinking about quitting his job a Nike (which, by the way, many would consider a dream job) they thought it was an insane idea.

His duties at the American giant spanned South Korea, Mexico and Brazil, and mostly New York, which for over four years he was tasked with connecting with local cultures and overseeing projects that most people would dub cultural marketing.  

In early 2020 Rudah took a leap of faith and founded GOMA, a global multidisciplinary creative studio “at the crossroad of culture” – according to his own words – aiming to help brands connect with local cultures.

In this month’s Features Story we spoke with Rudah about what GOMA brings to the table, culture, creativity and much more.

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