foto da Priscila Pipman, Commercial Director of Grupo Atlántida,

[Podcast] EP#23. Priscila Pipman

In the 23rd episode of B IS THE NEW A – The Podcast, Davi Cury and Mica Zayat talked to Priscila Pipman, Commercial Director of Grupo Atlántida, one of the main media corporations in Argentina. Check out the chat about cultural changes, business challenges, and content consumption.

“Diversity and Inclusion is not a trend. This is something that is here to stay. And you have to get a good understanding on how to embrace it so that you don’t fall into pinkwashing. But the most important thing is not to exclude the tacit agreement with our users, which is why we have a history of 100 years, and that is to mantain our credibility. And, if we are telling a specific thing now, then the evaluation is how to do it with pluralism, so that it goes everywhere.”

Check out the 23rd episode!

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