[Podcast] EP#18. Maurício Magaldi

Se o futuro tem cada vez mais cara de metaverso e realidade virtual, um componente chave para tudo isso acontecer é a tecnologia blockchain.

No 18º episódio do B IS THE NEW A – The Podcast, Daniel Prianti e Felipe Gracias conversaram com o Maurício Magaldi, Diretor de Estratégia Global da 11:FS, sobre seus conhecimentos em liderança de pensamento do mercado blockchain e transformação digital.

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Featured Story #32 | GOMA

When Rudah Ribeiro – a creative strategist based in New York – confided to a few close friends that he was thinking about quitting his job a Nike (which, by the way, many would consider a dream job) they thought it was an insane idea.

His duties at the American giant spanned South Korea, Mexico and Brazil, and mostly New York, which for over four years he was tasked with connecting with local cultures and overseeing projects that most people would dub cultural marketing.  

In early 2020 Rudah took a leap of faith and founded GOMA, a global multidisciplinary creative studio “at the crossroad of culture” – according to his own words – aiming to help brands connect with local cultures.

In this month’s Features Story we spoke with Rudah about what GOMA brings to the table, culture, creativity and much more.

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