Featured Story #26 | The Electric Factory

It’s been a couple of decades now since the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman popularized the term “liquid” with his book Liquid Modernity (and later Liquid Love, Liquid Life, Liquid Fear and Liquid Times). In his books Bauman describes how the change from solid to liquid modernity has created a new and unprecedented setting for individuals, organisations and society with a series of challenges never experienced before. In order to thrive in liquid times, one must flow freely, abandon old shapes and adapt readily. 

We recently sat virtually over Zoom with Juan Ciapessoni, Co-founder and Head of Innovation of The Electric Factory, and “liquid” was exactly the word he employed to describe the company he founded alongside Avedis Boudakian back in 2002. 

Strategy, creativity and technology are at the core of The Electric Factory, but all else is quite malleable. And that just might be one key component of their successful trajectory. Read below our conversation with Juan in its entirety.  

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